ISP is not a Business Enterprise ,nor a Political Advocate ,neither a Labor Movement.
About ISP
SEC Registration No: CN201323495
The INTEGRATED SEAFARERS OF THE PHILIPPINES (ISP) is a non-stock and non-profit organization formed and established for the welfare of Filipino seafarers and their families. It is the primary goal of ISP to create avenues where the seafarers' families can improve their lives while the seafarers are on active duty, and to provide ways for easier social reintegration of the latter after their eventual return.

Center of unity and brotherhood among the Filipino seafarer and their families.

Provide avenue and assistance to Filipino seafarer reintegrated into the society either land based employment or entrepreneurship.

Represent the interest of Filipino seafarers in all national and international fora.

Direct involvement in the development of quality seafarer education, training and certification.

Represent in all government agencies in studies, formulation and implementation of policies and laws affecting seafaring in general.

Explore opportunities for seafarers in business, employment and maritime related ventures.

Attend to social concern such as health, housing and retirement.
"The Filipino seafarers as fully reintegrated member of the Philippine society, living with dignity, peace and prosperity."
"To uphold the dignity of Filipino seafarers and their families by providing avenues of opportunities to live a better life during and after seafaring."
The anchor signifies the aspirations of all Filipino seafarers that is anchored and rooted from the dream of having a better life for their families that redounds to a better economic productivity of the country.

The helm or the wheel symbolizes the competence and ability to sail far and wide, exploring, discovering and inculcating the discipline, hardwork and dedication of the Filipino seafarers that gives pride to the country for the glory of God.

The lifebuoy or the floating device represents the significant value of seafaring to Filipino seafarers as they float and never sink in the challenges of life. It also symbolizes the unity of the members of the organization and their loud cry for a better life for themselves and their loved ones.